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Active Healing Massage Therapy    
We are a one-stop massage facility in Edmonton that helps in pain, stress or bruising caused by any physical hyperactivity or life-routine disorder. Our fame is due to our expertise in boosting your spirit, mind and body through natural massages and wellness therapies. We understand that every individual is a different case, so we apply our knowledge in the right context of your problems.

What We Offer?

Our most admired services in Edmonton feature Deep Tissue Massage, Ancient Thai Massage, Reflexology, Chinese Tui Na, Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology. In addition to this, we offer a number of latest conveniences in the area of massage therapies to our customers. Improving your well-being is our aim and our intention to enhance your lifestyle is visible from our affordable rates of service. So not only you would feel refresh and relaxed when leaving us, but also that affordability of our service would give you the ultimate peace of mind.


Why Us?

We know our stuff very well. The core objective of our practice is to restore your radiant health in minimum time. Thatís where we apply our knowledge to optimize service with respect to demands of each customer and let him sleep deeply, recover from injuries, control pain or even recharge battery. There are no side-effects of our massages and our dedication to every clientís betterment never gets compromised in any case.


We offer direct billing to various employee benefit plans. Click here to see if you are covered for less to no out of pocket expenses.



      Cancellation Policy
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